Men in Permanent Disguise

Moustached men, as regarded by my RLSH, are all part of some masonic sect organised around ancient and hairy rituals members vow never to speak of.

Today we name just a few of these Men in Permanent Disguise.

“I’m in the middle of filming a movie in China,” said Bale, sporting a bushy beard for his part in Zhang Yimou’s ‘The 13 Women of  Nanjing’. “When I finish the movie in China, it’s straight to Batman. Much more Batman.”

The beard? The bat? Honestly you can’t get more MIPD than that.

“Oh my! Grandma! What shapely whiskers you have!” Clark Gable’s chevron-style moustache supposedly disguised his large ears.

Sam Elliot plays Sam Elliot in all his movies. His permanent disguise includes a full wardrobe – chaps, hat and even full riding gear.

and the list goes on…

And last but not least there’s the stashtrooper. Happy MIPB spotting!