Bucket Stools & More by Pedersen + Lennard

Along with indoor greenery and plants that won’t kill the cat, I’ve been on the look out for items to create that indoor greenhouse feel or an ‘indoor outdoor’ room. Outdoor bike stands, wrought iron moldings, concrete floors, industrial furniture, steel lockers were just a few of the things I’ve been considering. Pedersen + Lennard … Continue reading

Men in Permanent Disguise

Moustached men, as regarded by my RLSH, are all part of some masonic sect organised around ancient and hairy rituals members vow never to speak of. Today we name just a few of these Men in Permanent Disguise. “I’m in the middle of filming a movie in China,” said Bale, sporting a bushy beard for … Continue reading

Microsoft PhotoSynth

I’ve seen PhotoSynths before. Unfortunately, the last specimens – perhaps due to poor lighting, or perhaps glacial rendering speeds – were hardly inspiring. So this is the first time I’ve actually thought about some of its potential PhotoSynths aren’t exactly a great departure from things we’ve seen previously, and honestly, with the amount of photos … Continue reading

Surprising Indoor Greenery

While researching ideas for my indoor garden, I came across some unusual ways of integrating foliage into our home – even merging with household appliances and furniture. Looks like life’s getting greener on the inside. Green Light by Natalie Jeremijenko, Amelia Amon, Will Kavesh of the Experimental Design Lab is 3-in-1 lamp, terrarium and air … Continue reading

Cat-safe Plants

There is a tree that peers in on us from the kitchen window while we do the dishes. It is a swaying flotilla of leaves and branches – something of a pirate ship skippered by a crew of brawling mynahs – a constant source of entertainment for Cas. Our new apartment will be above the … Continue reading

DIY Chairs and Makeovers

Among many amazing transformations, this chair makeover was featured on Apartment Therapy. For guidance, CasaSugar provides a basic rundown of how to change the covering, the DIY network shows how to replace the entire webbing, and ReadyMade shows how to replace the foam and fabric with adhesive spray and a staple gun. This lovely Toddler … Continue reading

Jarring Lights

I grew up in a commune with a good culture of recycling, and a correspondingly robust love of wine, Perrier, (bread) and jam. Sunny days were made for walks to the glass recycling bank with my step father, paper bags of clonking bottles in tow. Rainy days however, were reserved for craft projects. If you’ve … Continue reading

Blue Kitchens

Blue isn’t traditionally a colour used for the kitchen but more recently I’ve been coming across many kitchens going lighter and cooler with sky to tiffany blue walls, glass tiles, white marble and frosted glass cabinetry to name a few. Here are some to pique your palette. Blue Subway Tile Backsplash from Becoming Home Seaside … Continue reading

Inspiration: ABC home, NY

Abc Carpet & Home is a US based retailer that sells everything from Turkish pendant lamps linens and bathroom accessories to anti-aging mists. Its online store offers an inspired collection of home furnishings that vary from the traditional to the more quirky and eclectic.

A Less Costly Way to Furnish

While visiting relatives over the Chinese New Year season, an uncle introduced me to a shoe cabinet he had made over the school holidays. It was ordinary – simple, practical. But it it reminded me of the buzz of handling a jigsaw, slicing planks and piecing together stage props for the local drama club. But … Continue reading