Sliding Barn Doors

These have been around for awhile, but the moment I really fell in love with them was when I saw them in Elle Decor’s feature on Meg Ryan’s Beach House. Since then I’ve been noticing them everywhere – houses and apartments alike. Below: Apartment Therapy kindly featured this instructional post from House Tweaking. Below: This … Continue reading

Jarring Lights

I grew up in a commune with a good culture of recycling, and a correspondingly robust love of wine, Perrier, (bread) and jam. Sunny days were made for walks to the glass recycling bank with my step father, paper bags of clonking bottles in tow. Rainy days however, were reserved for craft projects. If you’ve … Continue reading

Blue Kitchens

Blue isn’t traditionally a colour used for the kitchen but more recently I’ve been coming across many kitchens going lighter and cooler with sky to tiffany blue walls, glass tiles, white marble and frosted glass cabinetry to name a few. Here are some to pique your palette. Blue Subway Tile Backsplash from Becoming Home Seaside … Continue reading

Shades off white

The little white room could be the home decorating equivalent of the little black dress. It’s a classic that goes well with everything and is hard to get very wrong. Nevertheless, a little bit of thought into the different shades of white, and the accents within it, can make all the difference between wah and … Continue reading