Awesome Offices

There have been tons of bloggers advocating the idea that creative environments help boost creativity in people. If the mere sight of the Apple logo is enough to set our minds on a lateral thinking path as they would have you believe, imagine what an entire office – filled with poignant primers of how creative you are – could do for you, the employee, as you go about your daily toil. Are we really such products of our environment?

Well hey I’d like to think so! (Even if it’s just because I’d love to work in one of these incredible offices!) Problem is..some of these are so creative, you wonder if anyone can stop finding creative uses for their time at work.

Below: It was such a thrill to get an inside look into the offices at Etsy on Laughing Squid – many thanks to Scott Beale for posting these. Which kind sympathetic soul knitted wool warmers for the air conditioning vents?!

Below: Pixar’s offices house many toys and paintings from their animations and has surreal living room/offices which look like ice-fishing cabins/greenhouse garages. Images via The Roxor, Best House Interior,

Below: It’s a circus at Ogilvy & Mather’s Guangzhou office. Images via The Cool Hunter.

Below: Just the way I like them – some functional yet unconventional creative agency offices featured on This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work).

Finnish communications agency Trust Creative Society adopted an open floor plan that resembles a cosy restaurant – complete with kitchen and dining area – rather than the traditional office layout. It really looks like they’re working in a cafe – round the clock refreshments and perfect for discussions.

American communications agency Big Giant has a professional yet homely vibe with warm wood textures, carpets and sofas. Toy-adorned shelves in the rest areas encourage play and brainstorming.

Below: Of course, couldn’t do a post about creative work spaces without including a mention of Google’s notoriously smashing offices. Images via The Concept Times and here.



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