Microsoft PhotoSynth

I’ve seen PhotoSynths before. Unfortunately, the last specimens – perhaps due to poor lighting, or perhaps glacial rendering speeds – were hardly inspiring. So this is the first time I’ve actually thought about some of its potential

PhotoSynths aren’t exactly a great departure from things we’ve seen previously, and honestly, with the amount of photos you need to take, you might as well create a video (much more discreet and you’d look like less of a manic trigger-happy tourist). Nevertheless, I really like being able to interact with a photo and having a more ‘self-directed’ experience – look up, down, AROUND, drag it, zoom in, out, walk through it, stare in at its soul, watch and create 3D slideshows/tours. Its ease of use also makes it simpler to create a great photo immersion experience. I’d love to see more house tours and art tours using this – really get a feel for those awesome Apartment Therapy house calls! Here’re a few that were fairly interesting:



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