Surprising Indoor Greenery

While researching ideas for my indoor garden, I came across some unusual ways of integrating foliage into our home – even merging with household appliances and furniture. Looks like life’s getting greener on the inside.

Green Light by Natalie Jeremijenko, Amelia Amon, Will Kavesh of the Experimental Design Lab is 3-in-1 lamp, terrarium and air filter. An integrated solar panel makes this even greener than it already is. Story via greatinteriordesign.

Have a look at this Table with a Planter by Emily Wettstein via topbestdesign. I’m not worried about my cat eating it but the question is..  will she poop in it?..

We’ve seen a lot of vertical planters but Vertilignes does it with style. Its patented compressed soil systems ‘Vertisoil’ allow super slim vertical planter designs.

Take Care Umbrella Stand by Mélanie Vandenhecke and Hugo Cociani of What Else? Read more at e-potpourri

I love these moss tables at the ‘Kinky Muff Land’ exhibition in Osaka – the grass comes up close to you without you having to bend all the way down. Read more at pingmag

A more stylised version of the moss tables, this is the Ukiyo-e floating garden by Florent Coirier, Gregory Marion and Laurianne Lopez. Read more at bestinteriorhomedesign.

If only more offices were designed like this branch of Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture.

Here’s one from Ong&Ong Architecture via Apartment Therapy. What I want to know is – where can I get one of those cute green bean bags??


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