Jarring Lights

I grew up in a commune with a good culture of recycling, and a correspondingly robust love of wine, Perrier, (bread) and jam. Sunny days were made for walks to the glass recycling bank with my step father, paper bags of clonking bottles in tow.

Rainy days however, were reserved for craft projects.

If you’ve ever admired the way light passes through glass, you’d understand the fascination everyone’s been having with mason jar lights and wine bottle chandeliers. The future of glass vessels has never been so bright!

Mason Jar pendant lights featured on Laura Fenton’s Blog, Jug Lights by tbDsf on Etsy

Jar of Flashing lights from Instructables; Jar Light by Greg Hatton via Remodelista;

Mason Jar Chandelier and Christmas Lights from Treasure Again on Etsy

Sun-powered fairy lamp from Comparestoreprices, you can see a homemade version at Kootoyoo. lithium cell versions by Evil Mad Scientist

Wine Glass Cluster Chandeliers: a usable glass holder design via Remodelista, and a freestyle version using clear clips by Gitta Gschwendtner.

Wine bottle chandelier from Pottery Barn

Glass Lamp Terrarium via Design East from the glass design studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

Bjorn Stillefors, Jorgen Pudeck & Gunnar Cedervall

Bjorn Stillefors, Jorgen Pudeck & Gunnar Cedervall


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