A Less Costly Way to Furnish

While visiting relatives over the Chinese New Year season, an uncle introduced me to a shoe cabinet he had made over the school holidays. It was ordinary – simple, practical. But it it reminded me of the buzz of handling a jigsaw, slicing planks and piecing together stage props for the local drama club.

But like everything in Singapore, creating stuff on your own is just so costly. I was shocked to hear that even chipboard could cost $30 a plank! Sounds completely over priced to me. I’m convinced I can find better.

These found-object inspired projects and ikea hacks were so darn good-looking and do-able I just had to repost them.

Branch Coat Rack featured in Ferm :

Nakashima-esq Table on Casa Sugar :

Haldane Martin inspired pendant lamp by Ashley :

Bike Rack by Jules

Kitchen Butcher Block Hack for Bathroom Sinks by Jules

Another kitchen island turned Sink Pedestal by Jules :

Ikea Wardrobe Door Room Dividers by thedesignguy :


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