The Living Room

Hidden tvs and shoe cabinets

Example of 3 Room flat living room renovations

One of the things I’m mulling over is this semi partition – which is supposed to seperate the kitchen from the living area. While I think it’s an akward thing – now it cuts the dining table in half, its a sort of ‘poor feng shui’ thing if the entrance faces the back window right? So I was wondering what to do with this space…


Keep the wall as is…and use furniture and pictures to give the impression of depth

Get rid of the half wall and have… doors
Have a doorway bookcase! Gives a little intrigue seperating the living and dining areas – but will it make the place look smaller??

Will the space behind it be enough to house the dining area??


Look it’s the Charles Eames rocker again!

I was thinking of a white bookshelf under the front window by the corridor entrance. Otherwise I feel it’s a bit of a waste of space. Alternatively, would a sort of bay window seat be strange?


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