The Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be the place from which all my design fantasies begin. Well it is the heart of the home isn’t it? What could be worse than a home without a heart – like shoes with no soles! This is a gripe those who know me would probably have heard many a time before – why do brands we’ve grown to love end up morphing into profit preoccupied megaliths – corner cutting, stripping, diluting, plastering over.. wherefore the dissolution of the heart of a product? What pennypinching throwaway society have we evolved into to condone the production of …souless shoes?? but anyway…

… here’s a montage of my kitchen…that’s as green as Yoshi from mario brothers…



Renovations of another 3 Room Flat

Here’s an example of a flat that has nearly the same layout at mine. Thought it would be an interesting idea to have the hand basin in the kitchen as it leaves a bit more space in the shower. Not sure if it distracts from the main purpose of the kitchen – I like having different spaces with different characters based on their purpose.

“Don’t you love our kitchen conversations, honey?” Jon wondered why he always felt cornered when making cheese toasties.

This is a cool kitchen in a 5 room flat – nice lights. Though I’m not into modern shiny black laminates/acrylic, I thought this one was tastefully done.


The ‘Long’ House

Study Area connected to the kitchen area.

I love the dark floors that reflect the row of lights from the ceiling.

I’ve fallen in love with these rectangular white tiles arranged in a brickwork like pattern. I would really like to have dark granite kitchen table tops and white wood cabinets.

Another example – rather than a complete black floor – notice the white tiles! I also love the window ledges – can I have windows like those?? having a serious case of window envy…

Many things I adore about this one – especially the Charles Eames rocking chair – but what is the dog bowl doing on the dining table….

Kitchen Islands

I was wondering if it would be possible to have an island in the center of my kitchen or would it be too space consuming? Could this be the substitute for a dining table? is it better that the stove and the sink are kept to the perimeter?

Here are a few inspirations..much bigger kitchens of course…


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