The Dining Room

This is the current space – which is …not much of a dining room. This is probably the area which I’m struggling with the most – because right now it seems to just be a random spot floating between the kitchen and the living room – when in fact it should be a central focus of the place.. I’m just not sure how to place the furniture with the half wall in the way…

There is the option of knocking that down – though would that bring about a fengshui issue – having the door look straight across out to the back window? I’m not hung up about it… but it’s just a consideration – other ideas would be to have a glass/half glass partition? This is something I’ll tackle in the section on the living room.

I intend to keep the large red persian carpet my mother bought but don’t want it to dominate the whole house – I guess I could just ‘hide’ it under the dining table. 😉Open concept kitchen

I’ve always loved the idea of having a bench style dining area – very communal and informal – my dream home would have a long solid wood dining table – but maybe for my current 3rd floor mini mansion I might give this a pass…

and go for a little dining table like this….


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