Flats of Fancy

It’s official I’ve exercised the option to buy my appartment. Woohoo I won’t be homeless! *throwing out that cardboard box of a makeshift roof over my head – oh wait… keeping that for packing..*

After the trauma of the last few days, this comes as such a relief. But that’s another story.

I’m so happy to be able to think about the design!

I think it’ll be quite a challenge as it’s a small space with only two sources of natural light – one at the entrance and one at the kitchen – basically a tunnel – but what I like about it is that each end looks out to green. I have an idea of how I’d like it to look – in essence not like an HDB flat.

I hate plastic. I’m not against plastic categorically and irrevocably, but I’m just not into the red & black shiny acrylic surface look and furniture which are obviously laminates.

Of course the pursestrings are tight but I’m thinking clear open spaces, earthy natural pine, white wood bevelled cabinet doors, black granite counter tops, and that simple scandinavian summer house house by the fjords feel. ;P

I’m inspired by a DIY mosaic tile shelf – which will be the key feature in the whole bathroom which will be tiled with long horizontal white tiles – will this be difficult to keep white? hmm..

To create more space in the shower, the sink could be taken out of the bathroom and installed on the outside. Perhaps the sink could be an old wall mounted water cooler? where could i get that?

How does one bring natural light into a tunnel?
Mirrors? Glass? What are the effects on ‘fengshui’?

What I’d need the most help for is ideas, sourcing for materials, and good contractors.

I’m currently asking around for recommendations for interior designers, contractors and where to get great statement pieces in singapore.

How come there’s no association for certified contractors and interior designers?… like a tripadvisor but for home renovation instead?


One thought on “Flats of Fancy

  1. heyheyi love the bookshelf idea as a half wall. and doors too… adds an illusion of space. will go dig up some interior mags to share with ya. how about a wall for mural painting? have this crazy idea from watching some party show… kinda like freedom of expression/graffiti wall.. and i love colours! haha but that’s me.

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